Welcome to Chaparral!

Chap C. A. R. E. S. - Do you? 

This acronym is part of our school's philosophy and mission statement at Chaparral High School.  It is a way for students and staff to remember what is important for the success of our students in school and in life. 

C - Community - We must work together to create a positive learning environment.

A - Acceptance - We must acknowledge people for who they are in our community.

R - Respect - We must honor all members of our community and treat each other with   

                      kindness and compassion.

E - Effort - We must work hard each day on our academic and interpersonal skills.

S - Strength - We must be positive and consistent with our attendance, behavior, and attitudes                           towards school and each other.


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A few announcements and reminders

A.  Infinite Campus, the new Student Information System, has a parent access portal where you will be able to check on grades, attendance and other school related information.  Here is the LINK for you. This link will be activated soon.  Please use a computer to log in the first time where you will be required to set a password.  You will also have the ability to get this information on any mobile device as well.  Yes, there is an APP for that!  Once you have your username and password, you may then download and use the Infinite Campus app.

B. The three week grades are now in the Infinite Campus program.  All students have access to their grades and information in Infinite Campus.  Parent access will start soon with the district contacting you with password access either by email or regular mail depending on your school census information.  

C.  This link is for our 2014-2015 BELL SCHEDULE.  

D.  This is our WEEKLY BULLETIN for September 22-26, 2014.

E.  Students who are on time to class, regularly attending, and meeting classroom behavior expectations will be released on Fridays at 12:18 PM.  We expect that the majority of our students will meet these expectations.  However, if a student does not meet these expectations, he/she will be placed in a behavioral intervention program until the regular release time of 2:44 PM on Friday. Parents/guardians will be contacted by the Thursday prior. Unfortunately, transportation is not available on Fridays at 2:44 PM.

F.  Due to the shift to our 12 week grading model, attendance and academic focus will be important to student success.  Students having multiple absences and or missing assignments will be assigned a "Fun Friday" or "Super Saturday" to assist with making up work and catching up on their academic coursework. Parents will be contacted by their child’s teacher if assigned.

G.  Students may voluntarily attend these make up sessions so they can make-up, continue or reinforce their class work.  The dates for these sessions are on the calendar below.

H.  More calendar events will be added so keep checking back for more information!  All sports, Orientation, trips and ASB events are on the calendar.  Any questions, suggestions or additions can be sent to Mr. Deerfield at bdeerfield@guhsd.net.

I.  As a reminder of our newest rule, earbuds for phones and MP3/4 players are allowed to be used only during lunch.  They should not be visible at any other time.                              


You may ADD this calendar to your phone or computer by clicking the PLUS SIGN "+" in the lower right of the calendar.                

Chaparral Calendar