We at Chaparral High School believe that all students can learn. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing excellence in education in an environment conducive to learning where building relationships with students is the core foundation to student success. In order to best describe our mission as well as align with the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) Expected District-wide Learning Results (EDLRs) of developing effective readers, competent writers, articulate speakers and quantitative problem solvers, Chaparral’s staff chose certain Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs):
  1. Students at Chaparral will be accomplished life-long learners who can read, write, communicate, and quantitatively problem solve in order to thrive in society.
  2. Students at Chaparral will be effective communicators who can demonstrate oral and written competency in a variety of settings in order to positively impact the community.
  3. Students at Chaparral will be good citizens who are involved, responsible, and respectful community members that contribute back to society through positively participating in their schools and communities.
Students at Chaparral will be quality producers who are effective, respectful, responsible, and goal-oriented leaders and role models who strive to do their best in all situations presented to them in our constantly evolving world.